Monday, February 1, 2016

Muju Resort Snowboarding Trip

What up's fellow Expats, Korean people and Travelers of Korea

Winter time in Korea is a great time for weekend adventures. Recently I traveled to Jeollabuk province to snowboard on Togyu Mountain. There you can stay at Muju resort (the closest city is called Muju) and snowboard or ski on this 5,285 foot mountain.

By virtue of being from Canada I am spoiled by world renowned skiing and boarding; however I haven't boarded in over 4 years so it was nice to get on the slopes this season. The conditions were a little icy as one would find with slopes using artificial snow but the runs were pretty great and there weren't that many people on the mountain.

I would recommend going on a weekday as the weekend is crazy busy.

Also if you could time your visit with a fresh snowfall the runs would be that much better.

While staying at the Muju Resort is convenient as you are located right on the mountain, I would recommend staying in a boutique pension. If you travel on a weekday which I highly recommend you can get a large discount on a pension room. Momo pension for example usually charges 170,000won but because it was a weekday I was able to get the room for 100,000won.

Momo Pension

All in all a great weekend. If you rent the equipment (boards, boots, jackets, and anything else you need) on the road up to the mountain you can also get a discount on your lift pass. For one person expect to pay around 90,000won for equipment and a day pass.

I highly recommend this weekend adventure

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